Gratitude in Action
June 19, 2013

Nancy Fawcett is a popular instructor in the MA in Clinical Psychology program, from which she graduated in 1986. She is also a psychotherapist with a successful private practice, an integral member of the Alumni Council, and one of AULA’s most consistent and generous donors.

Here, she talks about her AULA experience, and what inspires her to give.

Education as Revelation
The course material in the Psychology program made the pieces of my life come together and make sense; it was transformative to understand myself in new ways. I also came to see that humor could be a part of the serious subject of psychology. This was capped off at the “mock graduation” where there was a delightful talent show, and where one of the smartest, most impactful instructors, Dr. Mike Gold, showed up in a tutu. This helped me see that I too could take risks, be myself, and do important, meaningful work at the same time.

Paying it Forward
I believe in showing up for the people and things I care about. What has inspired me to give is the deep sense of gratitude I have to AULA for a career I love, for providing me the opportunity to teach in the graduate Psychology program, and for the wonderful people AULA has brought into my life. Teaching puts me in touch with the diverse and thoughtful students who attend AULA. I love being challenged by them; they keep me on my toes professionally and inspire me to continue to learn and grow in my field.

A Special Student
A remarkable woman was in my Group class a few years ago. At first, she seemed a bit quiet; it wasn’t until I read her elegantly written, deeply insightful papers and watched her engage in a risky, revealing role-play, did I see what a treasure she was. We’ve stayed in touch and it’s been good to know how she has gone on to use her degree. Recently, she let me know that she has been accepted into Claremont College’s PhD program in Theology and Psychology. What a thrill to see that this very bright light, whom I have the joy of knowing through AULA, will shine in a way she so deserves.

Providing Support
Alumni can make the most impact by becoming active members of the Alumni Association, enjoying the benefits of its activities, and having the opportunity to connect with fellow alumni. They can also support programs and scholarships to continue AULA’s mission of recruiting and retaining a diverse student body, as well as providing the unique education and community that is AULA. A dream come true for me personally would be to see us have a campus of our own.

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